Friday, February 5, 2016

CEC Free Tool of the Week!


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This week's FREE tool is an information-packed table that describes possible student behaviors and emotions during a crisis episode with corresponding suggestions for response. The table is intended to help you manage and diminish crisis episodes while also providing prompting to learn from the incident once it is over. The table comes from CEC's Physical Restraint and Seclusion in Schools, an book that will help you see the big picture surrounding the issue of restraint and seclusion while equipping you to address violent and aggressive behaviors before they happen, making school a safer place for both you and your students. CEC's Tool of the Week is a free resource designed to support you in your special education practice. Subscribe and it'll be automatically delivered to your inbox! Get your Tool of the Week.

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CEC is the leading voice for special and gifted education. Through the vision and dedication of more than 27,000 members, CEC sets the standard for high quality education for children and youth with exceptionalities. The Council ensures the needs of children and youth with exceptionalities are met in educational legislation, establishes professional standards for the field and develops initiatives to improve special education practice. CEC is THE source for information, resources and professional development for special educators.


The mission of the Minnesota Council for Exceptional Children is to improve the practices and resources of persons working on behalf of individuals with exceptionality in the State of Minnesota


The Minnesota Council for Exceptional Children (MNCEC) is a professional association of educators dedicated to advancing the success of children with exceptionalities. The MNCEC works in accord with the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) as a state unit. We accomplish our mission through advocacy, and professional development that align with Minnesota and National standards.